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Hey ho !

You might have noticed that I haven’t met my expectations from last year, too few tech posts, too few linux howtos, very few personal stuff and I couldn’t keep the pace with my mashup-posts as well… shame on me !
See the “About“-page for more information…

There are several reasons for that, first of all is a lack of time or rather I haven’t took the time for my blog.
So I decided to close this blog in the form it existed during the last years and switch to something new, It will be some kind of photo-blog I would say.

I want to share some photos or maybe videos I did by myself in the future, maybe some stuff created by other people.
I’m not a great writer so I might just posts pictures with very few text.
I will not post mashup-videos here anymore, there are many blog which do a much better job doing mashup, I might create a blogroll to link you to some of them.

I hope that’s ok for you and if not I don’t really care… ;P don’t get angry and just enjoy the new style !

So I decided to switch the from serendipity (s9y) to wordpress.

I loved s9y very much and I still would recommend it to anyone, s9y has a great forum (thanks to garvin!) and a solid code base, but I want to use some features that wordpress delivers out of the box.

I hope get some of the following benefits from switching to wordpress:

– usage of their mobile client for android

– working trackbacks, which never really worked properly in s9y or I was to dumb to set it up

– enjoying some plugins I missed on s9y or that I had to include by myself

I’m looking forward to see if wordpress fits my needs !

Stay tuned please, alvinx

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