history of this website … from now to the beginning

january 2010:
You might have noticed that I haven’t met my expectations from last year, too few tech posts, too few linux howtos, very few personal stuff and I couldn’t keep the pace with my mashup-posts as well… shame on me !
There are several reasons for that, first of all is a lack of time or rather I haven’t took the time for my blog.
So I decided to close this blog in the form it existed during the last years and switch to something new, It will be some kind of photo-blog I would say.

I want to share some photos or maybe videos I did by myself in the future, maybe some stuff created by other people.
I’m not a great writer so I might just posts pictures with very few text.
I will not post mashup-videos here anymore, there are many blog which do a much better job doing mashup, I might create a blogroll to link you to some of them.

I hope that’s ok for you and if not I don’t really care… ;P don’t get angry and just enjoy the new style !

I switched from serendipity s9y blog-software to wordpress, see the first post on my new wordpress blog to read about my reasons for this change…

Cheers – alvinx

september 2009:
I want to share some linux knowledge here in the future, but I also want to keep up with mashup-posts, if I think it’s worth mentioning… it might be that I even share some of my thoughts, but don’t expect too much, so there’s a bigger chance to get surprised ;-)

Now there are only 3 categories:
– tech = tech stuff, gadgets, linux
– mashup = for good old mashup content
– musings = more personal stuff, musings, blah, whatever
That’s all !
Additionally articles will get organized with tags.

I’m working on a new startup-page to put in front of all sites on gradweil.de, which will be related to my twitter pages… still thinking about the final result, so this will still take some time…

summer 2009:
My mashup-blog became more and more confusing, too many categories, weird tags, too much video content… and I decided to start up from scratch.
I learned from the years before, I’ll simplify certain things, and improve much more…

from 2008:
I’m not a big writer who writes long blogposts about the meaning of life or whatever, so I decided to create a mashup blog.
I collected curiousities and other stuff and put them in my blog, from time to time a small text or a personal post… but most of the times I mashed up funny content from all over the world wide web.
You might think “yet another mashup blog” … but it’s my blog and I don’t care !

early 2007:
And then there was content… finally I tried to fill the site with content.

These were some of my topics:
– one blog for musings and blah
– gallery, images, photos, art
– linux howtos, code snippets
– fun with mobile gadgets
– useful and senseless stuff !

autum 2006:
Moving to public webspace … I thought someone else (not only me) should see the site.
It’s in the nature of websites that they’re made for the public.
But I didn’t have the time to fill it with content… OH NO, I didn’t take the time to do it !

beginning of 2006:
I created a website on my server at home without access from the whole wide world.
I was working on a dynamic website for a while until “something” seemed finished.

Have fun and do something good whatever You do !
– alvinx –

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  2. Michi T. says:

    Fortschritt ist die Entwicklung vom Primitiven über das Komplizierte hin zum Einfachen.

    keep on movin’ altes Haus ! °^,

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